Spray Pal

About Spray Pal

Our Story… The idea for the Spray Pal splatter shield started when our oldest daughter, who we lovingly refer to as #minispraypal 1.0, was 6 months old and had started eating solid foods. Her cloth diapers became a whole new experience. Based on advice from the cloth diapering community, we soon invested in a diaper sprayer to make the transition to solids easier.

The problem was that sprayers = high pressure and high pressure + poop = an even bigger mess each time we used it! Dave, Mr. Spray Pal, was more than eager to jump into action. He’s amazingly handy and loves to come up with creative solutions. He created the first prototype for the Spray Pal shield in March of 2011. With a few design tweaks, we had a product that worked, was lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to store. The Spray Pal was born and brought to market in August of that same year!

Established 2011 & designed in Arrington, Tennessee

Brand Values are: Eco-Friendly, Made in USA