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BugaluBaby Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cloth Menstrual/Incontinence Pads
BugaluBaby Eco-Friendly Reusable Cloth Pocket Diapers


Mar 21, 2021


Beautifully made! Shipped quickly and I'm am very impressed with the quality. I've tried other cloth pads but they were too thick, bulky and not nearly as soft as these. Love the small size for light days or panty liner. Medium is great for normal days.

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Mar 24, 2021


I purchased both cloth diapers with bamboo liners and Feminine hygiene pads from this shop and am very happy with everything I received! It was all well made, the material is comfortable and I really enjoy the patterns. Most of all, the shop owner has been a fast and excellent communicator and very accommodating to me. I would highly recommend this shop for anyone trying to get into reusable products.



Mar 13, 2021


These are surprisingly awesome! I was considering other reusable products and finally decided to give these a try. They absorb far more than you would think they do, with zero leakage/seep through. Pre-rinsing when changing them out is not nearly as awkward or gross as you might think. The wet bag works well, but only holds two or three at most (medium/large size), which isn't really that bad if you're washing them the same night. Definitely recommend!


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Meet the Original


My little Bugalu had such sensitive skin, I wish I had had these cloth diapers when she was small. And now that my Bugalu is all grown up, I still want her to have safe & healthy alternatives to disposable products.

Josie is passionate about preserving our environment. She is keenly aware that we do not occupy this planet alone. We are just one species out of millions that call this beautiful planet home. We have a responsibility to preserve this planet for all of us.